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I don’t think I’ve completely grown out of my anxiety yet. You know that feeling of invincibility people talk about? That still stands alien to me. But I do know I’ve come this far, and maybe anyone else suffering from failures can resonate with this story and look towards it’s positive side. I had beenContinue reading “#hearmeout14”


It’s really hard for me to write my own story. But still i m trying.It’s all started when I was in class 10th ! So called teenage life. Yeah I do had boyfriend.At the age if 16 /17 having bf was nrml i guess that was in trend and still in trend.When I was inContinue reading “#hearmeout13”


Mental illness is just like any other disease.You need to seek help as soon as you realise its getting out of control.No shame, no regrets, no fear, no taboo.Embrace your issues, seek help, therapies, talk about your problems.Most of us, have faced it, sometime or other. Some have depression, some have anxiety, some have OCDContinue reading “#hearmeout12”

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Hey! I’m Simran, 24 years old and a Mother of 2 . I love my life, like any other mom, I feel blessed to have the cutest babies in the world. You would have always heard your mom thanking god and asking for everything good in her family’s life, but have you ever asked herContinue reading “#hearmeout 11”

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May is mental health awareness month! Hello, my name is Patricia Lamas Alvarez and I’m a mental health therapist (LCSW) located in Los Angeles California. I am a bilingual speaker and spanish is my first language. I also run the instagram account @Patricialamastherapy, in which I provide mental health tools, centering around mental health andContinue reading “#hearmeout 10”


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