Why it’s important to be inquisitive?


Inquisitive (adj.) having or showing an interest in learning things; curious.

Do you want a rewarding life?  Then be inquisitive. The more inquisitive you are, the more possibilities you will open throughout your lifetime.  Open your eyes and look around.  How many blind assumptions have you made?  What do you want to know more about?

Steve Jobs – a name many of us will never forget. The former Apple Inc CEO revolutionized the music, technology, and telecommunications world with the iPod, Mac and iPhone.One of Steve Jobs’ greatest qualities was his inquisitive nature. His curiosity inspired creativity, generated ideas, led him down new paths, and helped Apple become one of the most innovative brands in the world.

Being inquisitive is not only important for innovators like Jobs; students too can benefit from having an inquisitive mind.

Reasons Why Curiosity is Important and How to Develop It

1. It makes your mind active instead of passive. The mind of an inquisitive person is always active. They are constantly asking questions and searching for answers, continuously exercising their minds. Always remember that: “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life”.

2. Studies have shown that curiosity positively correlates with intelligence. Because, quite simply, the more you ask, the more you know.

3. Other studies have shown that high levels of curiosity are linked to greater analytical ability and problem-solving skills. Curious people approach a challenge from multiple angles. They seek alternative ways of accomplishing the same task, making it that little bit different from what everyone else is doing.

So how can you become more inquisitive?

1. Convince yourself that you can be curious. You and I need permission to grow the thinking muscle. Our mind is so powerful and apparently the average person uses very little of its potential. Every one of us has the capacity to learn how to become like a child again uttering one-word sentences, “Why?” How about we get annoying again?

2. Set your intention on learning something new each day. Where you set your intention to learn something you will more often than not learn something. If you don’t want to learn something new, you typically don’t learn something new. Have you ever looked to buy a new car and you saw a red Mustang that you liked? How many red cars – and yes red Mustangs – do you find? Lots! Why? Now you are looking for them.

3. Start asking “Why?” all the time. Why do they call the time frame when toddlers reach two years of age, the terrible twos? If you don’t know the answer to that then you have not experienced this. Because they are starting to learn and they are obsessed with finding out “why” everything works the way it does. I never want to stop asking why. It makes life an adventure.

4. Each day, take time to stop and think and reflect. I know what you’re thinking even before you say it – “I’m to busy to think.” We are too busy not to think. How many things do you and I do each day that requires little or any thinking at all? We keep loosing our keys, rather than stopping and thinking about where would be a good place to always put them so you don’t have to look for them. I am not so good at this, but I am making every effort to stop for a few minutes each day to review who I was with, what we discussed and how I will do things differently.

5. Get past your past – yesterday ended last night. Don’t let failures of yesteryear hinder you from trying to stretch your thinking muscle today. When I was in public school my grades were C’s with an A sprinkled in from gym. In college I got B’s. In graduate school I got all A’s. If I can do this anyone can. Forget your past and set out to grow into greatness.

6. Look at life as an adventure – seize every moment. All you have is today. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet. When you learn something new every day, life can be such a ride. May I encourage you not to short change yourself and your life. Get curious. Left to ourselves we never get around to growing. If you want to start the learning journey, drop me an email and start stretching the curiosity muscle. Start a Mastermind group or get some coaching to find the clarity and the passion you need.

“The race will go to the curious, the slightly mad, and those with an insatiable passion for learning and dare deviltry.” Tom Peter

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