Things People In their 20’s Need to Know

D07C59A8-3446-4590-BCE7-CC8112BF245B.jpegThere’s nobody that can explain to you how life after college really feels. There’s nothing to compare it to. One day you’re with your friends and the weather is perfect and you’re all laughing about something stupid. The next day you’re getting chewed out by a boss or you see your friend getting married and you have an existential crisis.

This is our twenties!

Yes, there’s tough days. There’s moments when we snap and we wish that we were home and that we were ten years younger. But there’s also days where we’re sitting on the side of a mountain looking out at the earth, realizing that it’s ours for the taking.It’s our time to hurt, it’s our time to laugh, but most of all it’s our time to figure it all out. What should it all mean? Does it matter to figure it out right now?

As a fellow 20-something, here are brutal truths I had to learn the hard way–and which ended up making me a better person for it.

1. Nobody gives a damn.

Nobody cares if you didn’t have enough time. If you weren’t feeling well. If you are “going through a tough time.”

  • Some people do–they care a little bit, and want to make sure you’re OK. But in general, nobody cares. Everyone has “stuff” going on in their lives, and it’s on you to figure it out and stay on top of your responsibilities.

2.Your Success Is Entirely Up To You:

  • In your twenties, you will quickly learn that no one owes you anything. Your family, friends and colleagues will look out for you and support you, but ultimately it is up to you now to pave your own way.
  • The level of reward you experience directly correlates to the level of effort and work you invest.

3.The Path To Success Is Not Short:

    Don’t assume your career path will be an overnight success story. When it comes to success, both professionally and personally, you will likely endure a number of learning curves before you hit your stride.
    As such, your habits, work ethic, mindset and gumption truly matter. View your goals as a long-term, evolving destination and commit yourself to the individual, daily tasks and practices which will nudge you closer to that destination.

Success is a marathon, not a sprint and remember that there are no small plans

4.You have nothing to prove.

As a 20-something you feel like you have a lot to prove. You don’t. Trying to prove how much you know ends up only highlighting how much you don’t know. Instead, be accepting of your inexperience and open yourself to acknowledging how much more there is out there for you to learn. It will open the door for those around you to teach you.

5.Unless you master money, money will master you.

  • You should know how to earn money at this age itself. 20’s is the time when you will be creating your career.

  • When you are earning, then at this age, you tend to spend a lot as well. Instead of spending all that you earn, you should start investing the money in something useful. This way you will be able to save money for the future 

6.Stop Saying “Later”:

  • Seriously, procrastination is a quiet killer. Do you really want to start each day with something hanging over your head from the previous day? The time is now, act accordingly.

7.Reading is extremely important.

  • Read, read and read. It’s amazing how many people stop reading books when they graduate from college. Blogs, magazines, podcasts, and documentaries are all great ways to learn. But they do not, and cannot, replace the art of reading. Pick up a book.

8.You are a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with.

  • If you want to grow and grow fast as a 20-something, one of your primary objectives should be surrounding yourself with people who embody that which you want to become.
  • They will stretch you to grow in ways you wouldn’t be able to on your own.

9.The Dynamics Of Your Friendships Will Change:

  • Most of us work or study full-time, move around, develop important daily demands and shift into different stages of our lives. During this time, the company we keep is the company we make a conscious effort to keep.
  • Don’t view this as a negative change, but instead learn to invest in the people who invest in you. Understand the difference between a friend who is fun to grab a drink with occasionally, and someone who you would call if you were in trouble.

10.All The Opportunities For Growth Are Beyond Your Comfort Zone

  • Develop a habit to leave it. Find your discomfort zone. Enter it

11.Everyone seems to be confusing.

  • This is the age when you will not be able to predict people, and everything seems to be confusing. This is when you should try to figure out what is right and what is not.
  • You should not lack confidence in people around you. That creates confusion, and you will end up with broken relationships

12.Prioritize Your Health

  • Your mind and body have a very tight relationship. Living an unhealthy lifestyle will end up affecting your performance. Prioritize your health and create good habits. Stay healthy. Stay fit. Get enough sleep.

  • your body needs to be in the best condition possible to keep up. That doesn’t mean staying up all hours of the night to get work done. Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Get enough rest. Find balance. Your future self will thank you.

13.Dating Culture Exists, But You Decide What You Accept

  • When it comes to dating, especially in your twenties, it’s easy to feel heavenly. While we are often painfully aware of the dating cultures which exist and feel their effect, we decide whether or not we accept them as a rule to which we need to abide.
  • If you aren’t comfortable with a situation, you can remove yourself from it. Don’t abandon your values and intentions to suit someone else’s.
  • You can’t expect to find what (or whom) you want if you’re constantly betraying your own desires, after all. Always remain open, remain confident and remain honest with yourself and your heart.

14.Learn to accept things in a positive way

  • You should always accept things that come to you in a positive way. This is the age when you will not like anything that is told or suggested by anyone. But you should not do that.

15.Learn to say No:

  • You do not have to go to the party, you do not have to do what your parents tell you to do, and you do not have to conform to anyone’s beliefs.

This life is yours. Make it what you want.

How You Spend Your 20s Will Define You! Many 20-somethings believe they have all time in the world and how they spend their 20s doesn’t matter. But they matter most. The foundation you build in your 20s will define the rest of your life. Take yourself seriously!

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