Find your Passion!

Do you know your passion for your life. What would you like to say that it is your legacy?

You know there’s reason for our existence. We need to have a reason to get up out of bed in the morning.

In India people don’t know their purpose they just keep following and copying others. You may have skills which others don’t have, copying others will always make you a follower! Know your passion and follow it.

Let me tell you about how I found mine. Just a few months into my first cubicle-bound job, I had the life-altering realization that most everyone comes to eventually: I’m going to work a job every day for the next forty+ of my life. If I want to make that enjoyable, I need to be living my purpose and engaging my passions.

To see what ideas “stuck,” I tried different things. I wrote freelance, made this blog, volunteered, and truly “discovered” myself. (It is something which I love to do, I love to write)

In the meantime, I work hard at my job and come to terms with the fact that the most people never have careers that engage their passions—and maybe that’s okay. After all, I could still have passions outside my work.

But the drive to create a career around my passion is still there. And I’m damn sure one day I’ll find that.

Here’s someways which helped me and which will help you too:

1)Make a list of all the things you loved to do as a child. Do you have any particularly happy memories of something that you really like to do? Something for which you get compliments on what you have been extremely proud of.

2) What are your favourite books? Do you like romance novels, fine books about art and skills, “murder mysteries” or perhaps metaphysical titles?

3) When you have some free time, how do you spend it? Alone or with friends and family? The research of the city or a tour of the village?

4) Which compliments you are giving to the people? If nothing comes to mind, then ask a couple of your closest friends or business associates what they cost the most to you, what they consider as your strengths and talents. You might be surprised by their answers. If you ask a co-worker may be able to give you a completely different perspective than that to ask a family member, but they both have value in discovering your “brilliance”.

5) To which success in your life, you are particularly proud of? There does not have to be about winning the prize. It may be simply that you have given your hand to someone who really needed it.

6) What qualities, talents and gifts you admire in others? Make a list of people in your world and beside each of them write their strength and the things you like about them. Tell them that, too, and beautify their day.

7) If we had all the time in the world and if money would no longer be a problem, what would you really like to do? Imagine how would look like your perfect day from morning until evening. What would you have for breakfast? How’s the view when you strip off the curtains from the window? How do you spend your afternoon, where, and with whom? How do you feel when you close your eyes at the end of a perfect day?

Doing this exercise will help you get to know each other and give you insight into what would be the purpose of your life. When you manage to find happiness in the little everyday things you do for yourself and for others with great ease you will also succeed in that to find your passion.

Also, someone once said that passion is not something we really finding – this is something we cherish. It takes a time to develop, so start from paying attention to your inner voice. Although this voice would often initiate a “how to do?” alarms, only accepting the idea of allowing your most natural, unspoiled whims to lead the way, sounds pretty tempting and attainable.

9 responses to “Find your Passion!”

  1. Wonderful thoughts! .👌
    Also, your view about finding out our own hidden passion is really good 👍
    Keep up your good work!! 😊
    Following our Passion gives us a kind of pleasure and satisfaction. 😊
    Continue and grow with your passion too 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. its amazing
    and belive me
    i have alreddy find my passion before reading this blog (2 months before)
    and this blog 98% match my passion finding step
    its grate
    its very useful blog

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing..🤔
    You got that right..most of the people are followers.
    Now i Have to change myself and look into myself rather than following the people.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This world is just a pitstop, enjoy it and make it worthwhile.
    Keep writing, I wish your keystrokes never go cold!

    Liked by 1 person

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