My Tips For Staying Fit And Healthy At Work.

Getting up everyday, do 8-9 hours of work , sitting in front of PC for hours on a chair, having a heavy breakfast and lunch for no reason other than it being delicious, eventually to go home and sleep. One may ask what kind of life is this that we are living?

Do you feel that your work  life is turning out to be a misery? Do you feel terrible at the end of day when you go to bed? I cannot agree more! The lifestyle that we working people carry are taking away our motivation day by day.  This happens because we ignore our health and fitness. Yes  physical health has a lot of effects on our mental health and mental satisfaction.

Fitness has more to do with the lifestyle than the work we do!


Following are the tips which I follow and suggest my readers to stay fit:

  1.  Start your day with healthy breakfast. Make sure you have breakfast as a priority meal. Never skip your breakfast. This is one is very obvious still most of us skip it when we are in a hurry.
  2. Protect your eyes. Your Pc should be atleast on arm distance away from you. Adjust your screen lighting. Blink often. Look away from your computer  at least every 20 minutes. Some eye doctors call it”20-20-20 rule”.
  1. Find simple easy ways to exercise. Like use stairs in place of lifts or elevators every-time. Always find excuses to walk. Walk for 10mins after lunch. If you travel to office using your vehicle park it far from your area so that you can walk more. Avoid sitting for long hours. Stand as much as you can.
  1. Take your own lunch to office as it will be good for health and your pocket as well. Include lots of veggies and salads on your lunch.
  2. Shop and pack healthy snacks for work, like whole wheat biscuits, fruits and veggies, mixed nuts, fennel seeds(saunf).
  1. Meditate for 2 mins to de-stress. Breathe in through your nostrils for four seconds. Hold your breath for another four seconds. Exhale through the nose for four seconds. Repeat by holding in your breath again for four seconds.
  1. Pay attention to your postures. You must ascertain that you sit upright to keep back, neck and shoulder pains at bay.
  2. Do easy stretches for your arms, shoulders and legs to induce energy into tired muscled.

 Among these staying hydrated, taking 7-9 hours sleep, staying hygienic etc are the obvious ones which all of us know still we don’t give much importance. Incorporate these healthy habits into your daily routine and there will be a lot of benefits in terms of mental and physical well being. 

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