It’s Okay!

It’s okay not to write, or laugh, my love. It’s okay to sometimes not feel anything. It’s okay to allow yourself to feel the numbness. The emptiness. For what will derive from that phase will be bigger and better and stronger. That’s the problem with people like you and me, we don’t simply breeze through life sliding from one experience after the other, no, we turn it into material. We create stories. From the moment his breath brushed past my neck for the first time, leaving me with goosebumps to the moment I flipped his every last page, packing it away (or so I thought), beginning a new chapter of life, everything – has been a story worth sharing. Every laughter and every touch. Every memory forgotten and freshly brewed, non leaner, safely scented with love yet with the bitterness of goodbyes – and if you were reading my story you would know there’s no such thing as goodbyes and happy endings, because you’re always intertwined with each other. If you want a happy ending that simply depends on where you end your story… and I don’t believe in endings, so maybe I’ll never truly want this happily ever after that everyone is raging about. Because ever after, still has an after. Yet here I am, numb maybe… but preparing myself for another day, another story, another world inside my world that I could share, with this world. 🌎 
Yes it’s okay, to not write, to feel nothing, my love. 

4 responses to “It’s Okay!”

  1. It’s so good to see other bloggers mentioning this as for a month now just been unmotivated to right and have 7 incomplete drafts 😭🙌🏾 motivated and reassured me thank you Hun ❤️


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