Read this if you are dissatisfied, demotivated, tired of trying, hopeless. #letstalk #letsconquer

Trrrrr…. Trrrrrrrr… (Alarm sound)
You’re snoozing it again, let’s agree to the truth that today also you don’t want to go to work. Today also you are feeling tired. Again you are asking yourself why? Today also you’re pushing yourself.
Getting up everyday, doing 8-9 hours of work, sitting in front of PC for hours, eventually going home and sleeping. Asking yourself everyday what I’m doing with my life?, why I’m doing it?, what kind of life is this that I am living?
Do you feel terrible at the end of the day when you go to bed? Do you feel like your career life is turning out to be misery? Well, I cannot agree more because I used to feel it everyday. I still feel it, but now I know I’m not the only one. I’ve personally seen a strong link between career change and depression in others as well. I talk to people all the time those who are trying to make a transition and feel hopeless, despondent, and lethargic. Sometimes they use the word depressed and sometimes they don’t, but I can feel the same energy.

The world where we live is wearing. We are tired of everything. We are exhausted. We are sick of where we are but we are too scared to begin again , we are too scared to take chances. We all think we’re all alone in our exhaustion. But here’s what I want you to know. Just because you are discouraged, worn out and sick of life that you’re living it doesn’t mean you’re not making a change.

Our jobs are much more than than just the way we make a living. They influence how we see ourselves, as well as the way others see us.

Every person you ever admired had times where they felt utterly defeated in the pursuit of their dreams. But that never prevented them to reach there.

Some parts of life happens slowly, quietly. They can happen because of the small changes we make everyday. I request to make one small change, stop suffering, and communicate about it. We all are exhausted for all the right reasons and it’s a indication to go on. We feel it because we expect changes, someday it will give the exact thing we need. But during this don’t suffer, share it, take time for yourself. Let’s try to deal this with feeling. Sometimes we are not able to see what we have.
If you’re reading it, then just don’t just read, share your story. You can save many lives, u can save yourself. I’m starting a community where people are going talk about their struggles and what helped them the most. If you have any story about yourself that can inspire the readers, that can give them hope regarding their career, relationships, mental health, self-love, write it down and send your story at

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4 responses to “Read this if you are dissatisfied, demotivated, tired of trying, hopeless. #letstalk #letsconquer”

  1. You’re brave and strong Aishwarya 😘 I’m glad you shared it with your parents and you are talking about it. I’m glad you read it and liked it💕


  2. Such a good work di… It will definitely gonna encourage others to share about their lives experiences, how they fought, what it feels, & how they dealt with this problem… Bcz still in our country people usually can’t express what they actually feel… Due to the society & their orthodox opinions… They still thought depression as a mental disorder .. They don’t want to accept it as a feeling ,like we have sadness, happiness its just the same … I know for many of us its not that easy to expln what we feel bcz sometimes we didn’t want to bother our parents & we just keep this things to us , which is disastrous, its not easy to fight alone with depression ,u feel more depressed ,hopeless ,tired, stressed, unhappy…. I myself have suffered this & maybe still suffering a bit … But one thing i realised in the past few years that we ourselves increase depression… Like in my case it was all started with stress & lead to depression bcz I didn’t wanted to bother my parents .. They were alrdy doing a lot for me & my dreams… & somewhere i had knew that a medical seat is the solution for my problems… & then i thought to finish this prblm by myself without others letting knw about it.. I cutted myself from the social sites, didn’t want to meet frnds, just being in my room started feeling more comfortable to me ..but this all just made me more depressed …. Now I’m Just trying to accept the fact that depression is not smthng unique it’s just a feeling & we have to make balance with it so that it can’t ruin our mental health …. The only solution i found is just talk about ur stress to ur parents i knw we all doesn’t want to bother our parents but trust me they r the ones who knw u better than u knw urself , discuss it with ur frnds ,& if u are not able to discuss it with ur knowns u can write about it on social posts rltd to this, u can write about how u r feeling in a piece of paper ,& most importantly stop stressing about the stress 😅 & believe in urself.. U are doing great in ur life,its just may be its taking more time than others.. May be we are more brave that’s why god is giving us more hurdles to make us even more strong .. So take this challenge of life in a positive way & live ur life to the fullest…. Bcz we can earn anything except the “Time”.. So, utilize it now than regretting about it later.. Be happy always & keep loving yourself 💞

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  3. Keep going baby doll… this might have helped people out there who think that they are the only people dealing with it.. now they night come out and talk about it.. I know even u have been feeling it that way .. but because of that u have come to this platform and started helping other people baby … there is good in every bad too … Keep helping .. Keep dreaming … Keep writing.. Bahut bada wala heart tere liye ❤️❤️❤️

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