Welcoming 2020 with Self-Amelioration

What is Self Amelioration: Self-ameloration is the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts. It’s the quest to make ourselves better in any and every facet of life. (In short working on ourself to make ourself better)

I started working on myself in December, I won’t say I’m very happy and healthy. But yes I have started to notice changes, it feels better improving myself. There are number of small changes that I have made. And in this section I’ll be sharing my personal experience what worked for me, how I implemented things. Here are the few major things which I have implemented in my to day life. And I’ll give my honest review it helped me or not

1. Practicing Mindfullness(its was toughest thing to do): Mindfullness is the ability to be fully present in the moment. Moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, bodily sensations without judging them. It is a key element in personal growth, improving intelligence, concentration, stress reduction and overall happiness. Though it is most beneficial practicing it is not that easy. 

2. My morning ritual: By introducing morning ritual into your life, you condition yourself to start your day the right way, to feel the emotions you want to feel, to be happy, grateful, loving. To be more productive and achieve much. A healthy morning ritual sets the tone for the day.

3. Being grateful: Being grateful is such a powerful practice. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health. Being thankful develops a positive mindset, especially when we practice it every day.

4.Reading everyday (at least for 5 mins): Reading everday was a literal workout for my brain. Reading spurs your brain to think and concentrate. Reading everyday has made me more open minded as a person and has given me more perspective and understanding. I’ll be sharing my whole experience,books that I read in few days.

5. Minimalism: I never knew living with less can have a major impact. I can see starting minimalism has caused my perspective on life to change in very significant ways.

6. Decluttering: Yoh can finf it silly that how decluttering is related to self help?Decluttering can become an important way to practice self-care because it helps you take control of your life and your “stuff” to improve ur overall well-being.

7. Food: I am very conscious of the food I’m taking. I have completed first quarter of my life. I realise that how unhealthy I am. And now I want to live and feel a healthy life. I’ll elaborate my diet routine in next blogs.

So these are the things which I have started to practice. In my upcoming blogs I’ll be explaining how I started practicing this things and where I failed. What are the changes I have started to feel. What is helping me and what not.

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