Read everyday. Grow everyday.

Even as a 20-something with a full-time job and a habit of binge-watching Netflix, I’ve finally started to identify myself as a total book nerd. ❤

There are two types of readers: Passion readers and seeking readers (they read to enhance theirselves).

I come under seeking readers these days. I want to improve myself which would lead to better decisions regarding health, wealth, relationships, happiness, productivity and other areas of life.

Personal experience:

I promised myself to read everyday. I started with one simple rule:

“Not to go to sleep if I haven’t read at least one page of a book. At-least for 2-3 mins. It’s something I can realistically commit. Let me tell you, it’s working!”. I have developed a habit of reading. I have set up a reading goal for this year as well. To read 30 books at-least.

How reading has transformed me:

Knowledge is power! The more knowledge the more interesting you become. I like reading about stuff, I like sharing it as well. The more I read, the more good things I have to talk. Reading has given me lot of different perspectives. I read lot of self-help books. It has improved my mental state as well.

I have started to consider reading as a meditation. When you sit down and read a book you’re forced to concentrate. It’s not switching camera angles every minute. It’s just words on a page and then you picture in it your mind. It improves your intelligence, your decision making ability, and most importantly your focus.

Please join me on this trip to become the best version of yourself.

They say when you sit across a person you imitate their habits. Why not surround yourself with books?

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