#hearmeout 2

Hi, My name is Nicole Bloom. Although I may not have been diagnosed with a mental health issue, I have learned of the challenges of mental health that life brings throughout my journey. With a minor in Psychology, major in Recreational Therapy, and certificate in Life Coaching, I have learned about mental health from various perspectives. Before I became a life coach, I was a teacher. For five years of my teaching career, I taught students with special needs. Everyday I experienced the struggles of a student with mental or physical disabilities, and the struggles of being that parent. During my Bachelors program, I visit sites of mental health care and improvement. I have also experienced close friends around me in a mental health crisis. How a typical person could be affected by a life scenario, and the fight they undergo to find themselves again. From books, facilities, and friends, I feel that I am familiar enough with mental health to share my insight.

My insight is this. We need to exercise empathy, kindness, and giving to those who can help when we can’t. I realize that so many people complain about it, but don’t do anything about it. Caring has become a trend instead of a movement. Many people are quick to judge someone based off of their difference, when it may in fact be something they cannot control or even recognize. Perhaps people don’t seek help because they feel helpless. Perhaps they feel that it is something unfixable, spiraling downward after the rejection of others. It is a powerful thing to feel seen, or unseen. Let’s learn to be empathetic. To imagine what we would want someone to do in their shoes. Let’s be kind, even when someone doesn’t give us a reason to be. Let’s give to those who are fighting for better treatment, fighting for the rights of those with mental health struggles. Lastly, let’s bloom with love for those who need it most, by being the light that guides them in the direction of help, and hope.

Passionately human,

Nicole Bloom

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