#hearmeout 4

Hi, My name is Vairamuthu, I want to share one my journey with you. I did my education abroad.It was my first foreign experience. I had no idea before that about studying or settling aboard, it just happened all of a sudden and I left India.
It was a completely new place and I had no one there, I was alone. I was a introvert person. After few days, I started to realise that the education system is totally different from India, everything was most practical and not theoretical. Most of the things were communicated through excels and presentations, when I studied in India we never used them in our education. So I was finding it tough for me. Moreover, I used to be fat, chubby Indian, no one used to talk much or mingle with me.
I felt so lonely and that put me in a mentally unstable condition. I started crying even when I was in a sleep, woke up screaming why am I here and what am I gonna do here alone. I thought I will book a flight and go back to India, then I used to speak to my friends in India for a while and then sleep again.
One day I thought I will go tell my school that I’m quitting and going back to India, when I went and spoke to the Students Representative there, her name is Amy. She just tapped on my back and said you can’t be running away for this and no one else can fight your battle you got to do it, Just focus on it and find a way to win. I felt it was so motivating. But it was for that second, I went into the class again I felt this is crap lets go back home. I shared with my parents, they were happy that I’m studying aboard. As I did not wanted to look like a loser in front of them, I said I will finish this some how.
I went next day to college and tried to mingle with few of them in my class but ended up just introducing myself that day.Project submitting day was nearby so I had to some how get it done and I started working on it and end up no where. It was then I found a Indian lecture and that too from South india, I went and cried to him, he said he would help me and guided me on the project and I completed it. That project was appreciated by my lecturer and that was my first victory, slowly people started talking to me and socialising with me. Then I got few friends there and after that I never felt alone or depressed. I learnt to talk freely and socialise with everyone which has changed me totally who I’m today.

But it happened because I chose to share my pain and didn’t give up. To everyone out there, talking about it is the first step when you are going through a hard time. Talking about it can breakdown stereotypes, aid recovery and take the stigma out of something that affects us all. Opening up can give others chance to help you by guiding you through difficult times. You can talk about your problems with a trusted family member, friend, mentor, or therapist. Bottling up these thoughts could potentially turn into a bigger issue. Remember that you’re not alone.

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