#hearmeout 9

Mental health with chronic illness is extremely tough. You feel in a fog. Angry, disappointed & annoyed at your situation. I had many years full of self pity and you know what? It made me deeply, deeply unhappy. I dismissed all the good to be seen & had in life still. I NEVER practiced gratitude & I always added the big black clouds into my life but never took responsibility for my poor mindset. 

What made the shift?

I realised that we only get ONE shot at life. One chance! Time is precious & not to be wasted. Tomorrow isn’t a given. The gift is today. I began keeping a gratitude diary to keep me accountable and that really helped teach me how add sparkle to my days and see all the beauty life has to offer. 

I questioned myself and pulled myself up when I could hear myself being negative. Replacing them with positives. This took a lot of work and time to fix the errors of my ways but eventually it became automatic. I felt happier in my life, more accepting towards my illness. 

I actively talk about mental health & mindset because it is the root of everything. People dismiss its power & neglect our minds over & over again. It is the master but most IMPORTANTLY we are in control of it. I learnt the hard way that pointing the blame, got you nowhere. You have to take responsibility, take back control, be committed to working hard on your mind & nurturing it. Watering it everyday to help it grow. 

Now I paint my own rainbows in my skies, I am the sun in the lives of others & always hoping to add sparkle wherever possible . I am human. I have my bad days & that’s okay. We learn from them and bounce back stronger.

My take away tip is!

You are in control! You only get one life. 

You have a choice to choice happiness or stay unhappy. 

Life is the toughest job any of us will ever take on. It wasn’t made to go to plan or be straight forward. See the challenges & ways to grow & gain strength. 

Sophie Ward. 

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