Mental illness is just like any other disease.
You need to seek help as soon as you realise its getting out of control.
No shame, no regrets, no fear, no taboo.
Embrace your issues, seek help, therapies, talk about your problems.
Most of us, have faced it, sometime or other. Some have depression, some have anxiety, some have OCD or some have severe issues.
Some talk about it, while others hide.
And like most of us, I am not ashamed to admit that i get anxiety attacks, sometimes get depressive, sometimes I obsessively think, and sometimes i have sought therapies or medicines.
Being a doctor myself, I feel, there is no harm in seeking help for things going out of control.
For me it all started, after my graduation. I got married to a beautiful family and life partner. But, somewhere, my expectations from myself, troubled me.

By then I had published 2 novels. And I desperately wanted to write more.
I had to clear my post graduation entrace too, I was newly married and had little responsibilities.
All the stress led to a depressive outbreak. I had a breakdown. I felt like a failure, even when i had most supportive family, a good degree, a beautiful talent. I was full of negativity, hopelessness, anxious, and it felt like the end of my life.
Thankfully, we realised my problem, we sought consult and gradually I overcame it.
So, it doesnt matter, how rich or talented you are, what degree you have. Your mind can still trick you.
I still get anxiety and panic attacks.
But now i know how to handle them, i still over think, but now i channel it into my writings.
Here is what I have learnt from it. And No. I am not ashamed to admit that, Sometimes I Get Anxiety attacks. Just like many others.
Anxiety or panic attacks are the two very basic reaction, to a stressful situation.
And sometimes when you have a hyperactive mind, you tend to over
react to the situations.
What you will feel like: You will feel like a current running through your veins, you will feel like crying, racing heartbeat, trembling
palms, sweaty body, giddiness, nausea, fear of unknown.
Is that Normal ?
I guess yes, its just a an exaggerated response to the normal situation.
What you should do:

  1. Breathe. And Remind Yourself That You are Overreacting
  2. Seeking help. Call your friend or anyone close to you. There is no
    Shame in telling that you are having an anxiety attack
  3. Drink Water. Gulp sips of waters. Avoid caffeine. It aggravates.
  4. Go out. Put on music , Go out for fresh air. Get out of the room.
  5. Everything is okay. Paste that on your wall. On your phone wallpaper.
  6. Sleep: Sleep as much as you can. Sometimes sleep deprivation
    can lead to Anxiety attack.
  7. Talk about it. Embrace your issues. And Solve it
    B. Fight it like a normal problem.
  8. Dance it out. Put on a song and Dance .
  9. Medicines: in case, nothing helps. Then its the time, you must seek medical care.

Again NO SHAME. As there are every other organ, Brain is an organ too. And seeking Therapies or medicines are just to support you far a while , till you become strong
again and handle it yourself.
There are people who will tell you that You are crazy. But, believe it,
Anxiety is a very common Issue, which can be dealt calmly
People think you an over exaggerating things, but if none believes
you, i will believe you.

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