It’s really hard for me to write my own story. But still i m trying.
It’s all started when I was in class 10th ! So called teenage life. Yeah I do had boyfriend.At the age if 16 /17 having bf was nrml i guess that was in trend and still in trend.
When I was in relationship I started hating my family. I went against them bcoz everything with him seems to be perfect.

When your parents don’t love you or your family don’t love you, You try to find out that missing part somewhere else. And that was the only thing happened and I was dealing with that situation where my family won’t understand me. Well I was wrong. So I came into relationship I didn’t even knw anything but for few mnths I was living my life like fairy tale. But then he cheated on me and my family came to knew about my relationship. They didn’t reacted much at that time. My Actual journey started from here.
He cheated on me and I thought I’m done. I don’t have any reason to live. No one loves me. This assumptions took me to wrong path where I actually started drinking.

I was into alcohol for almost 2 yrs. I was addicted at that time and then I started doing weed.
I guess i was about to enter high school Then there was one day when my dad came to knew about this that i use to drink and all stuffs. He packed my bag and it was around 1am he said get out. I was completely drunk I called my dadu then he came to pick me up. My exams got over. Hopefully I got good marks but again it was tough choice to choose subjects! Bcoz of family pressure I choosed bio that was not my cup of tea. I was actually not happy earlier and this shitt happened

I was also preparing for neet bcoz of the pressure! Some I tried to push myself and slowly and slowly I realised i m stepping into depression! But there was one man behind this was my dadu who supported me.

There was time when I used to cry for no reason. I ask them to bring alcohol so that I can sleep. I don’t feel to wake up. I used to sleep bcoz that was my escape. Depression or mental illness is not feeling for sometime it’s something where u feel that u r at edge. I tried to commit sucide thrice but everytime my dadu saved me. I still remember time changes everything. Slowly and slowly I recovered. I was not diagnosed but i was somewhat for few mnths , I was in rehab. Aftr coming from there. I was completely okay but my dad had lost all hopes for me

He use to say Aachal is no more for me still this thing hurt me. Straight for 3 yrs he didn’t talked with me . I saw my dad and dadu crying bcoz i ate medicines and drank all-out , bcoz I don’t want to live anymore! I was black out when i woke up . Both were crying and said don’t do. That was the day I realised! Girl u r not meant for this ! I decided to change myself. And then there was no turning back. I belong to jain family and we have gurus so i went to attend one of his pravachan. And frm him i got his blessings and he showed me the path, my life changed completely.

I started my own ngo name kadam a step forward! Where I use to teach kids of slum and got awarded for my contribution towards society. I m Bilaspur’s 12th Social Soldier

The fact I was in depression but today I m Reiki Healer and helping others to recover. The fact my dad use to hate me , love me the most. Never dreamed that my article and names will come in newspapers and I’ll be honoured as guest.
Whenever I feel low or i feel to give up i just remember my earlier life what i was and what I’m. And this just motivates me like anything.
So this is my untold story !

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