Hello there! I’m Shruti and what u r going to read below is a small collection of wisdom and life truths I’ve learned and collected from a bunch of youtube comments (yup m one of those idiots), books, videos, friends, Psychologists and life experiences combined. I hope ya’ll find at least one of’em useful.

1. Crying is the healthiest coping mechanism🤯:

We all know that letting things out feels better. Be gentler, more kind to urself. Let ur mind and body feel what it needs to feel. You’ll definitely end up feeling better.

2. The most noble act of Love❤️:

It is called “setting them free”. Be it ur children, best friends n even ur partner, especially ur partner. It is painful. To let them go. Not being able to show them all the love u have to offer. But love is an act of kindness. Love them without physically being with them. If not being with u is in THEIR best interest, then set them free. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

3. Worship the God of Uncertainty🥱:

Of course u know what I’m saying. Uncertainty is the only certain thing our world has to offer.

4. What you fear, you make happen🙄:

When u lead into any project, task, friendship or relationship with a fear of failing or loosing that person, chances r the worst WILL happen. Bcoz ur actions will be misinterpreted even tho ur intentions were the exact opposite.

5. Learn to stand up for urself😶:

Especially when it’s ur character in question. Try to clear the air once, n if it still refuses to settle, u have to take the hard step before u find urself in the realm of self-loathing for not doing it sooner.

6. Intimacy isn’t a competition🤨:

This is for my ladies. Not everything is a competition. Having a committed relationship or a best friend isn’t a competition. Having lighter skin, no. of guys crushing on u or even having a good career ISN’T a competition. Stop being each other’s frenemies.

7. Seek therapy😉:

Asking for help doesn’t make u any less of a human, in fact, it’s the total opposite. U will be in awe of how much u learn about urself. 8. Having a solid group of friends😌:

Self explanatory!! Also, don’t give up on them.

9. Don’t shame ppl for having plastic surgery🤕:

Our social conditioning is weird. We hail perfection and also lecture from the stand point of moral superiority for having it “ALL NATURAL” to those who fall victim to this antithetical toxic mindset. I know it coz I used to be one of em. I realised how stigmatised those ppl already r n we r making it even worse.

It’s not possible to sum everything up in a little piece of writing. Life is absurd. So u be as absurd as it is (but in a good way, I don’t want ya’ll to drown in liquor). Read a lot of books, practice kindness n compassion (nothing wrong with a little sass for the seasoning), laugh, cry, BE HUMAN. It is okay to not be okay n it’s okay to be okay and not realise it (world class wordplay I know). Just remember, be it a good moment or bad, it’s not going to last forever. This too shall pass.

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