Hi! My name is Tannía Duenas and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in a community mental health clinic in Imperial County, California, U.S. I was born and raised in Mexico and I am fluent in both English and Spanish. While growing up in Mexico, I was never exposed to mental health which is one of the reasons why I am so passionate to educate others about mental health.

Transitioning to the U.S. was a significant adjustment and I soon realized that life changes (negative or positive) may have an influence on the way we think and feel. After graduating high school I knew that I wanted to further my education and have the opportunity that I did not have in my Country.  Other life-changing events lead me to become passionate about fighting stigma, normalizing mental health, and instilling hope, which motivated me to create the Instagram account @thehealingtherapist

My community is roughly 84% Hispanic or Latino. Overall, the majority of our community will not talk about mental health or seek mental health services due to stigma and cultural beliefs. I’ve come to the conclusion that we cannot know or understand what we are not taught. That is why is so important to educate others about the benefits of seeking mental health services to help learn how to overcome obstacles and be heard without judgement.

During my experience in the mental health field, I have had the privilege to work with people living with Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and many other mental health illnesses. I have been able to personally see their struggles, pain, and hopelessness. On the other hand, I have seen the benefits and success of therapy as it has empowered my clients and they are able to live fulfilling lives.

My goal is to continue to help spread awareness about the benefits of prioritizing our mental health and I thank you for being a part of this movement. Let’s continue to make an impact by reaching those who do not have a voice to ask for help yet. They’re important. You are important. We are important. Let’s normalize mental health together!

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