Happy Me

Healing takes time. In my case it took me exactly one year!

Look at my face, those black scars. Those pimples were painful af

Now look at me

Not a perfect picture but you cant deny that my skin is looking much better here

I dont associate my appearance with my self worth. But there were days I felt insecure, there were days I didnt want to look at my face.

But thank god my confidence was not shattered this time, thank god I stopped obsessing over how I look long long back.

Healing takes time in my case it took me one year. I look my best when I feel beautiful from inside, when I feel completely healthy.

Guys, last year was tough for me, super super tough! And today through this post I wanted to share my happy face.

5 responses to “Happy Me ”

  1. Hii maamm I wanna send u my journales I got to know about u from one of ur realtives so how can reach u


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