Hey Stranger!

Hey stranger. I see u looking at me.

But what do u see?

My black outfit, my black hair, my black shoes, or my black skin?

Hey stranger. R u strong enough to pierce my soul? R u brave enough to face the demons inside me?

I see you looking at me.

Have u put on ur guard of secure thinking yet? Bcoz my demons are the insecurities I face everyday.

I’m sure all the wise words about women have already been said.

But have u met a woman so fierce that u feel intimidated?

Hey stranger, have u ever made any woman embrace herself for who she is?

Bcoz last time I checked, ppl get uncomfortable

When a woman accepts herself.

I’m told to use lightening creams

So that I look like a fairy

But why would u Oh dears not rather ask me

If I was ever happy?

Dark curtains, closed in my room

That sunlight could never get in.

But don’t judge my comfort in darkness just yet,

Coz the real dementors outside that darkness were always lurking.

Lurking to call me ugly

Lurking to call on my dress

It’s either too covered or too short

If only my friends could act as a brace.

But I understand.

I understand the way around nature.

And I Understand that I am my own brace.

Bcoz I was crushed, mocked, bullied

And yet here I stand. I stand with the extra 5 inches on.

5 judgemental inches, with all the grace.

These words are not about the “let mes” or give mes”

Bcoz I’m already here.

And I intend to grow unapologetically,

Like a tree,

In the direction of sunlight like a spear.

Sharp and yet kind.

Bold and yet soft.

Dark AND beautiful.

And dare I say, beautiful in and out.

I am my own person.

I have my own roots.

But the real question is,

R u still brave enough to face my demons? Brave enough to open ur minds?

Only time will tell if ur intimidated after the next moment.

Bcoz last time I checked, I embrace myself for who I am. Would you still dare?

Stranger, Would you still dare?

Published by Smriti Singh

Inquisitive Software Analyst Mental health Activist

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