Being Brave Enough to Suck at Something but Still Doing it

Read the quote- “Be brave enough to suck at something new”. How powerful these lines are!! Is there anything new that you’ve been wanting to try for a while but haven’t?

I know that I am so attached to the idea of being “good” or even “perfect” at what I do, that it can stop me from trying something new, or even trying what I know I want but think might be too difficult. I come under the list of people who wants to be the best all the time! I want to be known for the “Amazing” work I do, and it hurts the ego when I know I am bad at something. That’s when my self doubt creeps in. It’s toxic!

What I have learned is Learning has more to do with Courage than excellence.

-Recently I learned that I suck at confronting what I am feeling, but I practiced it. It takes so much guts to do that, this doesn’t give a good experience at all, their is a guilt too like why I had to share, but in a long run I’ll be the authentic self so I guess it’s okay to suck here :S

-Professionally I’m into data science, from time to time I need to learn new computer science tools. This whole thing gives me severe anxiety, self doubts and low self esteem. But I am finally doing it with a faith that I’ll be expert one day but putting your work out there which sucks is not a good feeling 😀

-I suck at making IG videos and reels 😀 But in order to grow I need to be regular, and put myself out there. I need to change the way IG has changed. So now I am doing it, tbh I hate it when I know I am not putting my best work and I’m extremely critical of it. I am trying not to take the community I have built for granted and trying to share my thoughts there. Keeping faith in myself to get better, but learning to make high quality transition videos and the editing, it is to take good time and lot of efforts.

So I guess through this personal blog, I want to convey it’s brave to suck at something 🙂 I guess It’s Great to Suck at Something! It’s like a one year old child learning to walk and speak, maybe the child wants to run doesn’t learn in one day of course!

So to everyone reading this who failed at something, who is trying things despite of self doubt and anxiety, let’s be proud of ourselves. We are the real superstars 😀

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