Reviewing my to do list of 2021

This blog will tell you that that I am so bad with this to-do-list things. I made a list of things I want to do for 2021 and today I am sharing my result. This is ultra boring, but the whole point was to do something, it was supposed to work like a reminder to me that there more to life other than work and hustling.

1. Sleeping under the stars. – LOL No I even forgot this was in my list. 😀

2. Watch sunset(with mindfullness) Done

3. Watch sunrise (with mindfulness) Done

4. Try a new dish- Tried Saag 😐 Very Desi Indian Dish, I didn’t like it.

5. Try a new drink. Tried a Mocktail with a friend, forgot the name

6. Go on a blind date- Umm, well I went on a normal date, I think it’s a achievement for me.

7. Writing and sending hand written letter to someone. Done

8. Going out alone for a movie date, all by yourself and enjoy your own company. – Didn’t go to watch movie, but went to a cafe alone 🙂

9. Get a different haircut or maybe try coloring your hair.- Did my own haircut, didn’t add that much difference, it looked same

10. Relax in a spa bath. Didn’t do it 😦

11. Invite your friends/family for dinner and cook it by yourself. All my friends are far away, this was impossible to do

12. Organising surprise dinner for someone- Sent surprise dinner to few of my friends during second wave and on my birthday.

13. Paint a picture/drawing for yourself and keep it. Yes I made a painting of a candy, just liked it 🙂

14. Sing your heart out at karaoke. I did this at Clubhouse not at Karaoke. It was fun

15. Do any volunteer work for the day. I volunteered for Sexual Assualt Awareness Programmes

16. Developing any one good habit(like this year I started working out, anything simple and good): I started responding and not reacting. I mean every time it’s not practical to do this but most of the time I try to respond. This is helpful for my peace of mind.

17. Make a gratitude jar. Take a jar and write things you’re grateful for in chits. Open it from time to time and read it. – Yes, I made it.

18. Try Yoga- Tried twice and Oh god I badly failed to do this regularly

19. Save money for travel. Saved a little(very less I must add)

20. Solo trip- Umm Did it in my dreams

21. Visit a new beach and wear bikini. LOL, this is just another dream.

22. Learn some new words in a different language. – Learned few french words.

23. Get a massage- Failed to do it

24. Make a list of tv-series/movies and watch it- Done

25. Have a sunset mocktail- Done

26. Learn a dance style- Haha, learned to twirk little bit… Tortured my shy ass 😀

27. Buy a houseplant and take care of it. Done

28. Make something for the house. Anthing for your home decor. Can I mention my gratitude jar here 😀 That adds something to my table.

29. Give food to someone in need- Done

30. Try to meditate for one hour- Couldn’t do it, stopped after 40-45mins.

31. Do an online course- Did many

32. Host or attend costume party- Lol, why I added this. I knew it this won’t happen.

33. Make someone a birthday or celebration cake- Didn’t do it. But I sent cake, can I add that here?

34. Spend one entire day without using any social media- Spend many days

35. Spend one entire day without using your phone. 😰😰😰 Did it, in the year start it was whole next level experience.

36. Forgive someone who has hurt you and let them know.- I didn’t tell the person, I was not ready for the discussion and relive the trauma.

37. Compliment a stranger, it will possibly make their day. -Did so many times 🙂

38. Play a board game with friends or family like ludo, chess or carrom.- Played with my mother and siblings

39. Take your camera with you for a whole day and capture everything and anything that takes your interest. Didn’t do it, I should have but I didn’t.

40. Hold a mini movie festival at home. Invite your best friends, ask a movie they love and spend a whole afternoon and evening together curled up chatting, eating and drinking and sharing old favourites.. Kind of this happened in Pune, just my friend invited me and it was not a mini movie festival 😀

41. Try a completely new look, new different outfit you never tried. – I tried this.

42. Find a spot with a good view and settle down with a friend or loved one or even alone and enjoy. Found a corner at my balcony. I sit here and enjoy my own company.

43. Write down your life plan. It doesn’t have to be specific, or even achievable. Just a guide for all the things you would like to do and then you can tick and cross off the ones that you want to work towards.- I did this.

44. Write things you love about yourself, write an essay and keep it with you forever. I did this too.

45. Have a major clear out. De-clutter, if it’s not pretty, useful or it hasn’t been used in the last 6 months, be ruthless, let it go. -Did this during Diwali.

46. Spend a whole day in bed watching movies, reading books, writing or just cuddle with your pillow.- Did this for whole week, I was sick.

47. Read a good book and write down quotes, or whatever you learned from the book. Done

48. Write a story, poem or article; for yourself or submit it to a website or newspaper magazine or just post it on your blog/social media. Did it for a Famous Website WeTheYoung Page. They reached out to me, it was a good opportunity for me ♥️

49. Meet new people or make new friend . I made many , Arpita is a new good friend.

50. Gift yourself something nice and meaningful. – Gifted myself a mindfulness coloring book. It helped me in fighting my anxiety.

Adding few pictures here.

Tried new drink. This was amazing, I loved it. All thanks to my friend.
New Friends I made this Year, became friends during second wave. 😀
Another new friend I made this year. Her name is Chinmayi
Tried this outfit, I loved how this looked on me. The pants make me look tall Haha!
Read the book Anxious People, this is my favourite book now! And please read the line ( if you still have energy after reading my blog)
My gratitude jar

So this was it, if you read everything and sticked to the last. Thank you, hugs! Also wish you a very happy new year! 🙂

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