Personal Development Retro 2021

Welp it’s that time again! (Or a bit later- second day of 2022). So I was really struggling to find the will to look back over the year and check how I’ve done against the goals I set for myself in 2021. I didn’t want to do it because I knew how pants it would feel, but sometimes looking after yourself means doing the things you don’t want to do, and I promised myself to do this last year.

What did you think your goals were when you started the year?

So at the start of 2021, my goal was to get a satisfactory job that suits my profile, better mental health, live life little more, make good contents, read at least 20 books, do yoga regularly and travel to places.

Whooo… Well. Thanks, 2021?

The only one I achieved was getting the job, and that was at the end of 2021. Feels good though that I am going somewhere.

How did your goals change through the year?

After the quarter end, I installed IG again, started posting contents. So my preparation was kind of disturbed, as I was not able to manage time and everything. I started having self doubts that came with a massive change in the types of opportunities I had for personal development.

I increased the timelines for my goals.

During second wave I started struggling with my mental health, so I spent lot of time at CH. It kept me occupied and distracted. I guess I needed it. And I decided to keep my goals aside for sometime.

I got new projects at work which demanded me to learn new skills and didn’t have the energy outside of work to make my own pie. I was still feeling burnt-out, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to progress on personally, so it made sense to me concentrate just on my office work at that time.

Highest point of the year

I guess last days of September. I went to Pune and felt like a free bird there. For a moment felt like my life is perfect. Then I guess November, stepped out of my house, I met a cutie and I felt really good after so long 🙂

Lowest point of the year

August I would say, I was dealing with my extreme anxious thoughts. It was getting too much to bear, the whole month was kind of painful. Then October, I was seeing my Daisy in so much pain, then I lost her. I guess I won’t be able to explain the feeling of losing her. And then this December, I think I am dealing with the heartbreak, maybe not. No idea what it is.

Best coping mechanisms

Crying, Nothing new there. Sitting and accepting what I feel. Time to time distracting myself and changing the environment.

Did any songs help you cope with the year?

Yeah, I basically listened to Love you Zindagi on repeat, the lyrics has my heart!

TV shows that helped you cope

The Bold Type, I kind of related myself all three characters. Jane is writer learned the power of writing when you include personal experiences, Sutton taught me it’s okay to struggle your career, as long as you’re trying you will be okay.

Well Kate and I have so much similar when it comes to social media.

Started watching The Mindy Project this December, it’s a nice and fun show. There’s a lot to learn from Mindy and her dating life. The show nicely depicts modern dating life. 😀

What’re you hoping to Get Done next year, even if it’s another 2020/2021?

Continuing the practices which works for my mental health, getting a fit body( God please, I don’t want to look like a potato anymore). There are more but don’t wanna reveal and then feel embarrassed if I don’t accomplish it.

What have you learnt about yourself this year?

That I am really really STRONG! I feel the confidence that I can do things and fight anything, even when I am all alone.

Well I learned that I can fall for guys, feel super vulnerable when it comes to dating and I guess I need to work on that.

What have you enjoyed?

My own company♥️ (there are other things too, but this is on the top)

2021 was all about? (If you have to give it a theme)

Personal Growth. Grown a lot this year, personally and professionally.

What advice would you give to past you from January 2021?

“Eh, just roll with it.”

So that was it, my retrospection of 2021. If you paid interest and read it till here, know that I love you ❤ And thanks a ton for reading it. Hope all your dreams come true this year.

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