Hey there! I’m Smriti Singh, I’m from India. I am a passionate writer and reader. Professionally I’m a data scientist working for a multinational company. You can call me an awkward nerd.

I loved writing diary when I was a kid and later I realised that I’m passionate about journaling and documenting things. I read books a lot, and I feed my mind continuously by reading different kinds of books and then I write because whatever I’ve learned and fed my mind wants to come out.

I made this space for us, where I can share the knowledge, my personal experiences, opinions and journey, where I can build the community to grow together. I love talking about body and mind, women equality and sexuality.

I also volunteer for raising Mental Health Awareness, I share my personal journey and helpful resources from professionals too.

My hobbies include writing(obviously), reading, dressing up and decorating my house. I love experimenting and doing random stuffs, it helps me to stay creative and have fun. You’ll see many blogs related to that. I also create contents on Instagram.

Also I don’t know if anyone cares, but I am a Potter head 😀

Let’s grow together.

If you wish to connect, or maybe want to share any article or blog here on this website, I’d be more than happy to publish.

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