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That Bad Monday #letstalk

Name: Anonymous (because he wanted to keep his identity safe) His story in his own words. Disclaimer: This is not an inspiring story, just something which disturbs me and I want to share my pain. It was a Monday and I was going to school. I had a cute dog. His name was Jazz. I called… Continue reading That Bad Monday #letstalk

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Read this if you are dissatisfied, demotivated, tired of trying, hopeless. #letstalk #letsconquer

Trrrrr…. Trrrrrrrr… (Alarm sound) You're snoozing it again, let's agree to the truth that today also you don't want to go to work. Today also you are feeling tired. Again you are asking yourself why? Today also you're pushing yourself. Getting up everyday, doing 8-9 hours of work, sitting in front of PC for hours,… Continue reading Read this if you are dissatisfied, demotivated, tired of trying, hopeless. #letstalk #letsconquer

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Dealing with Depression

Dealing with depression needs action, which is very hard when we are in depression. For me depression is a deep hole that I have been constantly trying to get out of. Now, I’m not going to say that I have conquered depression because the truth is I haven’t, I may even be far from doing… Continue reading Dealing with Depression

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Depression: What You Need to Know

Since May is The Mental Health Awareness Month, so all my post in this month is going be about Mental health. I’m going to talk about a topic which is often neglected. Most widespread yet underrated topic, DEPRESSION. If you open up about it, you can save lives. You can either save yourself or someone around you.… Continue reading Depression: What You Need to Know


Ways To Be More Confident

Can you believe me if I tell you that your lack of confidence is putting limitations on your success?  Hear me out, no one just pops out of the womb feeling self-assured and confident. Behind every confident person there is years of hard work. Creating a strong sense of self is a personal skill that you… Continue reading Ways To Be More Confident


Habits of People With Concealed Depression

Depression often goes unseen, unrecognized, and undiagnosed. A person with concealed depression is someone who is conditioned to deal with their inner demons in a way that doesn’t make them clearly visible. They may or may not be diagnosed, and this may or may not be something they’ve shared with even their closest of companions.… Continue reading Habits of People With Concealed Depression