Don’t be too nice darling! Nobody cares.

Are you too nice? Too kind, too selfless, and and too often bow, too considerate just to please others? You are this? Uhh stop! Don’t pat yourself on your back for being an awesomely amazing human being. You are hurting yourself, and you are at risk of depression. You’re Actually Living Someone Else’s Life: WhenContinue reading “Don’t be too nice darling! Nobody cares.”

Things People In their 20’s Need to Know

There’s nobody that can explain to you how life after college really feels. There’s nothing to compare it to. One day you’re with your friends and the weather is perfect and you’re all laughing about something stupid. The next day you’re getting chewed out by a boss or you see your friend getting married andContinue reading “Things People In their 20’s Need to Know”