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Mental Health is integral to living a healthy, balanced life. The topic briefs about the importance of mental health, types, myths and ways to improve overall mental fitness.

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The feeling of not doing enough sucks

I’ve spent eight or nine hours working, except for a quick break for lunch. I’ve made a progress. It’s been a good day. So why do I feel I should be doing more? This anxious feeling – that I am never doing enough – where does it come from? Is it a modern affliction? One […]

How I am dealing with my wounded heart

Well this post is not a advice/suggestion post, just a personal blog. But maybe anyone dealing with a heartbreak will relate to it. I guess we have all gone through the heart wrenching experience of emotional pain that a heartbreak causes. Because of my past breakup and emotional pain I experienced, I felt like I […]

Reviewing my to do list of 2021

This blog will tell you that that I am so bad with this to-do-list things. I made a list of things I want to do for 2021 and today I am sharing my result. This is ultra boring, but the whole point was to do something, it was supposed to work like a reminder to […]


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