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At Inquisitive Mind we deliver knowledge, information, facts about personal experiences about Health(Physical and Mental), Lifestyle, Life-lessons. It is all about growing and well being.

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Mental Health is integral to living a healthy, balanced life. The topic briefs about the importance of mental health, types, myths and ways to improve overall mental fitness.

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Learn smart science-backed strategies for self-improvement in health, productivity, focus, or any other area in life.

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Learn interesting facts, tips which you can implement in your day to day life.

Things to do in 2021

This is inspired by many famous bloggers. Since 2020 wasn’t that good for me, I am really desperate that things change for me next year. I already feel old, there are many things I haven’t done, most of the times I feel melancholic. So this is just to give myself little push and excitement. AndContinue reading “Things to do in 2021”

My First Magazine

Inquisitive Mind- Mental Health edition-1 Introduction Inquisitive MInd Mental Health edition is the independent international consumer magazine dedicated to providing information for better mental health. We aim to raise awareness of general and specific mental health issues and ways of achieving better mental health and a greater sense of mental wellbeing. It is about takingContinue reading “My First Magazine”


Inqusitive Mind is an heart-winning website, where Smriti shares her personal experiences and knowledge based in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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