Mental Health Professional Contacts

List of therapists( Mental Health Professionals) in India)

1. Aishwarya Jain (Founder of Glisten Healthcare, Clinical Psychologist)

2. Aarti Karwayun (Counsellor/Couples Counsellor/Certified Art Expressive Therapist)-

3. Manmit(Member of Counsellor Council of India)

4. Dr. Upasana Chaddha(PhD) +91 88007 12651

5. Ritika Singh(Psychologist) 9871956265

*The resources listed on this page are not affiliated with Inquisitive Mind, and this page does not serve as an official endorsement. The contacts are meant to support purpose. Please utilise this with your own discretion and clear all the doubts/queries whoever you choose to connect.

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