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Mental health hygiene

If you never brushed your teeth, or did so only every once in awhile, can you imagine what your next dental visit might be like?  Uncomfortable?  Painful?  Maybe you’ll have to stay longer or come back for more work. We are all very familiar with the term “dental hygiene,” the steps you take on a… Continue reading Mental health hygiene


Design Your DREAM Life Now!

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve“— Napoleon Hill If you can imagine yourself having something, trust me you can manifest this into your life. And yes, it is a fact! Look around. Everything you have in your life was first an idea/imagination. Everything you really wanted in your life, became a… Continue reading Design Your DREAM Life Now!

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My Tips For Staying Fit And Healthy At Work.

Getting up everyday, do 8-9 hours of work , sitting in front of PC for hours on a chair, having a heavy breakfast and lunch for no reason other than it being delicious, eventually to go home and sleep. One may ask what kind of life is this that we are living? Do you feel… Continue reading My Tips For Staying Fit And Healthy At Work.


Don’t be too nice darling! Nobody cares.

Are you too nice? Too kind, too selfless, and and too often bow, too considerate just to please others? You are this? Uhh stop! Don’t pat yourself on your back for being an awesomely amazing human being. You are hurting yourself, and you are at risk of depression. You're Actually Living Someone Else’s Life: When… Continue reading Don’t be too nice darling! Nobody cares.


How I Loved My Body

"Look at yourself! That dark face, those black spots and pimples. The uneven tanned skin. No wonder he doesn’t like you anymore! She is so much prettier than you are." I stood in front of the mirror. Tears streamed down my face. Heavy, dark, and painful, the all-consuming emotions tried to crush me. My throat… Continue reading How I Loved My Body