Read everyday. Grow everyday.

Even as a 20-something with a full-time job and a habit of binge-watching Netflix, I’ve finally started to identify myself as a total book nerd. ❤

There are two types of readers: Passion readers and seeking readers (they read to enhance theirselves).

I come under seeking readers these days. I want to improve myself which would lead to better decisions regarding health, wealth, relationships, happiness, productivity and other areas of life.

Personal experience:

I promised myself to read everyday. I started with one simple rule:

“Not to go to sleep if I haven’t read at least one page of a book. At-least for 2-3 mins. It’s something I can realistically commit. Let me tell you, it’s working!”. I have developed a habit of reading. I have set up a reading goal for this year as well. To read 30 books at-least.

How reading has transformed me:

Knowledge is power! The more knowledge the more interesting you become. I like reading about stuff, I like sharing it as well. The more I read, the more good things I have to talk. Reading has given me lot of different perspectives. I read lot of self-help books. It has improved my mental state as well.

I have started to consider reading as a meditation. When you sit down and read a book you’re forced to concentrate. It’s not switching camera angles every minute. It’s just words on a page and then you picture in it your mind. It improves your intelligence, your decision making ability, and most importantly your focus.

Please join me on this trip to become the best version of yourself.

They say when you sit across a person you imitate their habits. Why not surround yourself with books?

Let’s Say Thank You Today! #being grateful

Grateful (Adjective: Deeply appreciative of benefits received , Thankful) A very simple, yet extremely powerful, tool.

“Today I request you to focus on what you have achieved till now rather than what you want.”

On my last blog I shared about the things which are helping. Today I’ll tell how gratitude is helping me. Before that let me tell you honestly the benefits received.

Benefits: Being gratful has helped me to feel confident, by reminding everyday myself what I am and what I have. So it cured my low self-esteem. Helped me in building better relationship as I respect people more who are in my life. I feel positive and motivated all the time because I’ve learned to say thanks!

How I Practiced Gratitude everday (My journey):

So how I started? I decided to fill a large A4 size paper by writing the things I’m grateful for. Everyday I began writing a few more items. I pushed myself to think about things I’m grateful for.

I honestly wasn’t expecting dramatic changes but thought it couldn’t hurt to try. Man was I wrong!

I began feeling much better just in few days about myself and life in general. It was amazing because soon enough I found myself hanging out in my room enjoying to some fun music and writing new words on my project. My fear of my phone started to fade, as I began putting my phone back to vibrate(because everytime it vibrated I felt panicky before) and did not cringe or experience anxiety when I’d get a notification. PROGRESS!

So now after feeling the changes I have made a habit to write at least one thing I’m grateful for. If I’m tired badly, I try to remind myself orally. But writing is more effective.

Real Challenge While Trying to Be Grateful.

It’s easy to feel grateful when things are going our way and we have the best of the best, but it’s a lot harder to feel grateful when we’re not where we want to be. So for those days push yourself to ask. If you still face issue here is the cheat sheet.

Gratitude Cheat Sheet

I’m attaching a sample Gratitude cheat sheet which may help you to practice it on hard days as it is helping me. You can find many on the internet.

You might be wondering why you should be interested in my story. Well, really the deal is about overcoming difficulties by using gratefulness practices. If I can do it anyone can do it. Gratitude is so powerful! When you sit around thinking about all that is going wrong, all that is awful, or all that you wish was different, naturally, you will feel sad or angry. But, if you spend your time thinking about all that is going well and all that you enjoy about your life, naturally you will begin to feel great! I chose to share my experience with you as an example of the power of gratitude.

Welcoming 2020 with Self-Amelioration

What is Self Amelioration: Self-ameloration is the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts. It’s the quest to make ourselves better in any and every facet of life. (In short working on ourself to make ourself better)

I started working on myself in December, I won’t say I’m very happy and healthy. But yes I have started to notice changes, it feels better improving myself. There are number of small changes that I have made. And in this section I’ll be sharing my personal experience what worked for me, how I implemented things. Here are the few major things which I have implemented in my to day life. And I’ll give my honest review it helped me or not

1. Practicing Mindfullness(its was toughest thing to do): Mindfullness is the ability to be fully present in the moment. Moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, bodily sensations without judging them. It is a key element in personal growth, improving intelligence, concentration, stress reduction and overall happiness. Though it is most beneficial practicing it is not that easy. 

2. My morning ritual: By introducing morning ritual into your life, you condition yourself to start your day the right way, to feel the emotions you want to feel, to be happy, grateful, loving. To be more productive and achieve much. A healthy morning ritual sets the tone for the day.

3. Being grateful: Being grateful is such a powerful practice. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health. Being thankful develops a positive mindset, especially when we practice it every day.

4.Reading everyday (at least for 5 mins): Reading everday was a literal workout for my brain. Reading spurs your brain to think and concentrate. Reading everyday has made me more open minded as a person and has given me more perspective and understanding. I’ll be sharing my whole experience,books that I read in few days.

5. Minimalism: I never knew living with less can have a major impact. I can see starting minimalism has caused my perspective on life to change in very significant ways.

6. Decluttering: Yoh can finf it silly that how decluttering is related to self help?Decluttering can become an important way to practice self-care because it helps you take control of your life and your “stuff” to improve ur overall well-being.

7. Food: I am very conscious of the food I’m taking. I have completed first quarter of my life. I realise that how unhealthy I am. And now I want to live and feel a healthy life. I’ll elaborate my diet routine in next blogs.

So these are the things which I have started to practice. In my upcoming blogs I’ll be explaining how I started practicing this things and where I failed. What are the changes I have started to feel. What is helping me and what not.

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